Doqo mobile phone that once created the sales myth in Japan, is coming to Cambodia!

According to doqo japan, the total sales of doqo mobile phones has exceeded 70 million yen in less than one minute. Although the company did not publish the exact number of sold mobile phones, we can infer from the unit price of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone that everyone buys is the most expensive model, then it is estimated that the sales volume is 30,000 units, and if it is the basic model, then the sales volume is 40,000 units. Based on which, it is obvious that the actual number is between the above-mentioned two numbers.
This model of doqo was released in November 2019, which is equipped with 10-core chip, 4500 mAh large battery capacity, rear 16 million + 8 million dual cameras, and the price in Japan is less than 250 dollars. At that time, this model of doqo has set a record of being sold out just in 60 seconds in Japan.

I often heard that people love to buy doqo mobile phone from Japanese purchasing agent. However, until day, I have not played with this Japanese-made mobile phone. I have saw the news of doqo mobile phone two days ago, which made me want to buy one. Unfortunately, I did not find a reliable way to buy it, so I decided to wait for the new doqo mobile phone this year. And last week, the company doqo has announced that they would explore the Southeast Asian market, and Cambodia will be the first stop for doqo.

I can only expect that the appearance of Doqo in the Cambodian market will continue to bring us more Japanese mobile phones with good prices.