Doqo mobile phone has been sold at least 30,000 in 1 minute

doqo mate35 is a mobile phone with a very good-looking and an excellent performance, it has the top-level specifications and a relatively low price. It has been released in Japan, and it is reported that it is the fastest flagship mobile phone that has ever been sold by a Japanese e-commerce website.
According to doqo japan, the total sales of doqo mate35 has exceeded 70 million yen in less than 8 minutes. Although the company did not publish the exact number of sold mobile phones, we can infer from the unit price of this mobile phone. If what everyone buys is the most expensive model, it is estimated that the sales volume is 30,000 units, and if it is the basic model, it means that the sales volume is 40,000 units. For which, it is obvious that the actual number is between the above-mentioned two numbers.
Chip: MTK6799 Deca Core (10 cores) Memory: 8G ROM: 128G Android: 10.0 Front camera: 8 million Rear camera: 16 million Battery capacity: 4500mAh
It is expected to be released in Southeast Asia and Europe later this April.