Doqo mobile phone was sold out in Japan for 1 minute

Doqo was established in 2018, when it has a clear positioning ---- the Internet mobile phone brand. Since 2016, the global mobile phone market has undergone great changes, during which the internet mobile phones have gradually taken the main position, and "buying mobile phones online" has become a new trend. This is how the doqo was born.

In the subsequent constant exploration, finally doqo has found its own positioning that it shall not only focus on the internet mobile phone brand, but also shall optimize for the preferences of young people, for which it determined to become "the favorite technology fashion of young people"

Today's doqo brand still focuses on the internet channel, paying attention to the young user groups. The first product, doqo mate35, was sold out in just one minute on the first selling day, which has shown the recognition of local consumers.