Japanese doqo mobile phone, Cambodia is the first stop in Southeast Asia market

Let’s introduce the doqo mobile phone. Doqo is a purely "Japanese-designed" mobile phone. Except for the research and development work that have been carried out in Silicon Valley, it is designed in Japan, and produced in Japan and Malaysia, which enables the doqo phone to reflect the perfect combination of technology and fashion.

I often heard that people love to buy doqo mobile phone from Japanese purchasing agent. However, until day, I have not played with this Japanese-made mobile phone. I have saw the news of doqo mobile phone two days ago, which made me want to buy one. Unfortunately, I did not find a reliable way to buy it, so I decided to wait for the new doqo mobile phone this year. And last week, the company doqo has announced that they would explore the Southeast Asian market, and Cambodia will be the first stop for doqo.


I can only expect that the appearance of Doqo in the Cambodian market will continue to bring us more Japanese mobile phones with good prices.